5 Ways a Dental Crown Can Save Your Smile

5 Ways a Dental Crown Can Save Your Smile

July 27, 2018

Our dental team at Dental Care of Muskogee are always looking for ways to easily improve our patient’s smiles. We understand the association between having a healthy smile and having an increased level of self-confidence. One effective way to do this is through the use of dental crowns. Continue reading to learn of five ways a dental crown can save your smile.

1. Repair a Damaged Tooth. Dental crowns help to fix teeth that are broken, chipped, or fractured by strengthening the tooth. It also improves the appearance of a broken tooth which, ultimately, leaves patients feeling more confident.

2. Build Up Worn Down Teeth. Many individuals are affected by bruxism, which is the grinding or clenching of teeth. This leaves them with worn down teeth. Dental crowns help to restore the appearance of a smile by fixing the shape of the teeth.

3. Anchor a Dental Bridge. If you have a missing tooth/teeth, then your dentist may recommend a dental bridge to restore your missing tooth. Dental bridges use the support of the surrounding teeth. Crowns can be placed on these teeth.

4. Restore a Dental Implant. Dental implants are used to replace missing teeth as well. A restoration such as a dental crown can be added on top to replace the missing space.

5. Make a Cosmetic Improvement. Our dentists work with you to achieve the desired look with a custom color and shape that appeals to you.

Dental crowns help to improve a wide range of issues that individuals face. Contact your Dental Care of Muskogee dentist for more information regarding the different services we offer to patients in the area. Call us today to set up a consultation!