At-home Teeth Whitening and Professional Zoom Whitening

At-home Teeth Whitening and Professional Zoom Whitening

April 1, 2020

Teeth discoloration is, at times, inevitable because of age, diet, certain medications, and lifestyle habits. Although teeth bleaching is an elective cosmetic procedure, a majority of people today seek the service to keep their teeth white.

Luckily there are different whitening options that you can opt for to get rid of the stains. The teeth whitening treatments are available in two options; at-home kits and in-office treatments such as Zoom. Both the treatment procedures can whiten your teeth, but they differ in the results and the treatment process. Below we highlight the differences between Zoom and at-home kits.

What’s The Design?

Zoom Teeth whitening process uses a Zoom activating light to activate the bleaching agent. The treatment, which lasts for 45 minutes, is done at the dental office in a three 15-minute interval process.

At-home whitening kits are readily available and are found in your local store and pharmacy. Most of the available options include gels, strips, powders, and pens that are applied to the enamel to remove the stains. Today, baking soda and charcoal are also used to whiten the teeth.

How Do the Zoom and At-home Whitening Kits Work?

Zoom Whitening

Before the Zoom whitening procedure begins, Dr. Moiz Horani will perform a comprehensive dental examination to determine if you are eligible for the whitening treatment. A deep teeth cleaning is done to get rid of tartar buildup and get the teeth ready for the whitening process.

Next, a protective gel is applied to the gingiva to prevent irritation and bruising and the teeth coated with a hydrogen whitening gel for 15 minutes. The activating light is used to activate the gel before rinsing and repeating the process three times to attain the optional shade.

If you have severe gag reflex or anxiety, the dentist might give you sedation to relax and make it easy to whiten your teeth.

At-home Whitening Kits

These cosmetic whitening kits offer the convenience of bleaching your teeth at home instead of visiting the dentist. Each teeth whitening product has different instructions and will differ in results. However, it is advisable to have the whitening treatment after professional teeth cleaning.

On the downside, cosmetic whitening products contain low hydrogen peroxide than the in-office treatments and may not offer the same shade.

Who Can Benefit from the Whitening Procedures?

In-office Zoom teeth whitening is ideal for most people, but not all people are candidates for the treatment. If you have decay, the teeth may become sensitive if exposed to hydrogen peroxide. The dentist will first treat these dental problems before the whitening process.

Unlike the Zoom Whitening, anyone can use the whitening kits. However, remember if you have existing dental problems, you may aggravate the problem.

What About Safety?

Although Zoom whitening contain 25 percent of the hydrogen peroxide, they rarely cause any gum irritation because a protective gel is applied to protect the gums from damage and bruising.

At-home whitening kits do contain low hydrogen peroxide, but they can cause gum irritation if you don’t use a protective gel. Also, some of the whitening kits may cause enamel erosion and weaken the teeth.

Regardless of the whitening treatment you choose, there will be slight sensitivity in the first few days but will clear out on its own.

And, the Results?

The Zoom whitening procedure can offer up to eight shades lighter because of the high peroxide levels.

The cosmetic kits are not that efficient, especially for severe dental discoloration.

Take Away

We recommend both at-home kits and Zoom whitening, but lean more towards the professional in-office treatment as the dentist can control the process and protect your teeth. Additionally, professional whitening offers better results.

Take note; if you have severe discoloration, the dentist may give you professional at-home kits to continue the treatment at home. These kits are customized to suit your individual dental needs.

If you are in doubt of which whitening option is ideal, visit Dental Care of Muskogee for advice and consultation.