Care for Your New Porcelain Veneers

Care for Your New Porcelain Veneers

July 1, 2018

After endlessly considering your options and weighing the pros and cons of different cosmetic dentistry options, you have finally been fitted with your new beautiful set porcelain veneers. Your journey doesn’t end with the placement of this new set of teeth, if not cared for properly, porcelain veneers can overtime bring you back to square one. At Dental Care of Muskogee, OK, we always want our patients to be well-informed about their current dental health, and everything that they can do for their future. With this article we will discuss how to best care for your new porcelain veneers to have a smile that will last a very, very long time.

How to Take the Best Care of Your Veneers

It is important to remember that taking care of your porcelain veneers is not that different from taking care of your natural teeth. The following list has been compiled to show you how to have dental veneers that can last for years into the future:

  • Practicing good dental hygiene: always remember that your natural teeth are still behind each porcelain veneer, and are still susceptible to plaque and tartar build-up. By keeping up with your daily regimen of brushing twice a day and flossing can prevent cavities and other signs and forms of decay from happening.
  • Having a gentle hand: in the first few weeks after getting porcelain veneers, a gentle touch is often required. Soft-bristled toothbrushes and soft motions when brushing your teeth will go a long way and making sure that your porcelain veneers are not moved or disturbed in any way.
  • Follow up with your dentist: one of the most important things that you can do following your porcelain veneer placement, is keeping up with your routine visits to the dentist. Depending on your particular set of circumstances, we may recommend that you come to our office more than twice a year to ensure the health of your mouth and the integrity of your porcelain veneers.

What Not to do When You Have Veneers

Not only do you have to worry about what to do with porcelain veneers, it is also important to know what not to do when you have porcelain veneers. Let’s look at the following list:

  • Don’t chew on hard or sticky items: as great as porcelain veneers are, they aren’t your natural teeth, and their thin shell is not as strong as natural tooth enamel. Chewing on hard things like ice cubes, your nails, or pen caps can crack a porcelain veneer. Sticky foods such as hard candy can literally pull a porcelain veneer off of your tooth.
  • Don’t grind your teeth: if you suffer from bruxism, you can cause serious damage to your natural teeth and your porcelain veneer both at the same time. In this case it is important that we fit you for a dental mouth guard to wear while you sleep to keep the effects from tooth grinding from ruining your porcelain veneers.

If you currently have porcelain veneers or are looking into getting some yourself, being sure that you are educated fully before making a decision is very important. At Dental Care of Muskogee we would be more than happy to schedule a consultation or an appointment with you so that you can make the best possible decision!