Dental Care of Muskogee Explains Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Details

Dental Care of Muskogee Explains Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Details

December 1, 2019

The third and last of molars are called wisdom teeth. Most people get these sets of molars in their late teens or early twenties. They are valuable for people but require removal often. Misalignment and decay are the major reason for the removal of a wisdom tooth. The alignment issues are severe because the wisdom tooth makes its place. Sometimes the jawbone, nerves, or the neighboring teeth are removed to make way for the wisdom teeth.

How will I Know if I Have a Wisdom Tooth

You can ask your dentist to inform you about the alignment of your teeth. He or she will recommend an x-ray. The x-ray will determine if you have a wisdom tooth or not. This x-ray will also let you know if the wisdom tooth is problematic. Do not take it easy if the dentist uses the word ‘problem.’ Wisdom teeth are the reason for many other teeth disorders like decay. These issues lead to extraction. Before anything serious happens, make sure you get it checked.

But how would you know that you should get an x-ray for wisdom tooth? The gums would hurt badly when the wisdom tooth makes its way. You will also feel an extra tooth.

Why Should Wisdom Tooth Be Extracted

The age of 17-25 is perfect for the wisdom tooth to appear. Your dentist might refer to an oral surgeon or teeth removal dentist in Muskogee. Why will your dentists recommend the removal of wisdom teeth? Here are a few reasons to help you out:

  • The pain they cause because they are trapped in the gums or jawbone. You may find this painless as the tooth did not grow. But the pain is unbearable.
  • Their alignment is not good enough.
  • Maybe they come in the way of other teeth.
  • Your mouth is not big enough to support an extra set of teeth.
  • Your gums are attacked by an infection.
  • The neighboring teeth have decayed or the wisdom tooth has cavities.

Do not wait for the problems to arise. Visit a wisdom teeth extraction near you and get the tooth extracted to avoid issues in the future.

What Will Happen at the Clinic

The complete procedure for wisdom teeth extraction in Muskogee has been discussed below in three steps. Give these divisions a thorough read to have a better understanding of the procedure.

Session 1: Discussion

Do not worry. The oral surgeon will discuss everything first. The first appointment is always about a discussion session. Wisdom teeth extraction dentist in Muskogee will first discuss all the details. If you have any questions, feel free to ask before the surgery.

If you do not discuss any of the below-mentioned points, the doctor will ask these for sure:

  • Your medical history. If you have any health issues like diabetes.
  • Any drugs if you take regularly.
  • The anesthesia you would prefer. You can either be asleep during the surgery or get the area numb. Your dentist will prefer your choice.

You must ask the steps of the surgery. Plan everything at home and work before the surgery time. Pet care is also mandatory. You may need a ride back home so plan that out as well.

Session 2: Surgery

The time varies from 45-50 minutes for the surgery to be completed. The first step is anesthetizing your mouth. Muskogee wisdom teeth extraction has the following choices for anesthesia.

  • Local anesthesia
  • General anesthesia
  • Sedation IV

The local anesthesia keeps you alert but the gums are numb. The other two will you sleep.

Once you are numb or asleep, your dentist will cut the gums or bone to extract the tooth. After removing the tooth, your gums will be stitched. The stitches will dissolve with time and some blood soaking pads will be placed in your mouth to soak excess blood.

What Happens After the Surgery

Everybody responds differently to anesthesia. Local anesthesia keeps you alert. You can drive back home or do the routine activities. The other two sedatives will keep you drowsy. You need someone to assist you and drive you home. Follow the dentist’s instructions as aftercare.

Muskogee wisdom teeth extraction is among the finest services at our facility. Dental Care of Muskogee has the highly qualified oral surgeons. Come visit us and get the painful wisdom tooth extracted with complete care and sophistication.