Get Your Root Canal before Valentine’s Day to Maintain Your Smile

Get Your Root Canal before Valentine’s Day to Maintain Your Smile

February 1, 2020

Root canals have a bad reputation leading people often to joke they would prefer to murder than to undergo a root canal. The reputation earned by a root canal is not deserved because the common dental procedure is an excellent way of saving a high-risk tooth and is more comfortable than getting a filling. If you want to restore your smile before Valentine’s Day you must decide to undergo root canal therapy right away.

Why would you want to undergo a root canal just before a momentous occasion? Are you aware that root canals can keep your smile healthy and strong? A missing tooth in your mouth not only affects your overall health but also your self-confidence. Thankfully the root canal will ensure your smile does not change. Tooth loss causes your jawbone to shrink because it no longer receives the stimulation it needs from the tooth roots. Eventually, the weaker jawbone will cause loss of other teeth and sagging in the face. When your tooth remains in the jaw you won’t have to worry about such consequences.

Root Canals Can Prevent Tooth Loss

A root canal is only suggested when the pulp in the center of the tooth becomes infected or inflamed. The infection in your tooth can be dangerous if the bacteria finds its way into your bloodstream. The bacteria can travel to the heart or brain causing you to have a heart attack or stroke. One way of removing the problem altogether is to extract the tooth which dentists consider as a drastic solution. A better way to treat it is to undergo root canal therapy where your dentist will remove the infected pulp to help you to retain the tooth.

Tooth Infections Can Be Painful

A root canal can put an end to the tooth pain you are suffering from besides having severe aches and throbbing. You may experience swelling in the gums around the tooth, tenderness, fever, and trouble chewing all of which you wouldn’t want on Valentine’s Day. All the troubles surrounding your tooth will subside the moment you decide to undergo the root canal giving you the freedom to smile and chew without pain.

The Appearance of Your Tooth Will Improve after the Root Canal

Discoloration from a large filling or tooth decay can make your tooth appear unsightly. After you receive the therapy you will have a crown protecting the tooth which will completely cover the teeth above the gum line to hide any cosmetic concerns. When approaching an important occasion like Valentine’s Day you must be attempting to preserve your smile in every way possible and even have a root canal if it is suggested by your dentist.

Why Neglecting the Treatment Is Not Suggested

Many clinical reasons exist for needing root canal therapy along with practical reasons as well because saving your natural tooth is always a wise choice. Treatment from an endodontist can help you to maintain your natural smile, continue eating the foods you love along with the chocolates and limit the need for ongoing dental work. If you care for your teeth properly the root canal therapy will provide you services for a lifetime.

The Reputation Earned by Root Canals Is Undeserved

Root canal therapy is virtually painless and leaves you with less discomfort during the recovery than having your natural tooth extracted. Modern-day techniques and effective anesthesia have ensured that patients who undergo this treatment are six times likely to state it as painless than patients that prefer to have a tooth extracted. The treatment provided by dentists is cost-efficient and effective with most dental insurance plans covering endodontic treatment. Root canal therapy will require fewer visits to the dental office than tooth extraction because the treatment can be finished in a couple of visits. Dr. Keith Shankle from Dental Care of Muskogee completes the procedure by removing the infected pulp and disinfecting the tooth before filling it temporarily until a crown can be placed over the tooth.

The treatment will take you to the dentist’s office a couple of times initially for an evaluation of your general health and thereafter for the treatment. However, if you attempt to learn more about root canal therapy and the common misconceptions surrounding it you will certainly decide it is time to take the first step to have a pain-free and healthy mouth before Valentine’s Day to enjoy the occasion happily as ever.