How Hollywood Stars Change Their Smile Using Clear Braces

How Hollywood Stars Change Their Smile Using Clear Braces

January 1, 2022

One aspect of every Hollywood star that people admire is the smile. Whenever they show that dazzling, beautifully aligned smile, you desire to have a similar one. With advancements in dental techniques and equipment, it is possible. Your smile is only a visit away from the dental office in Muskogee. Find out how orthodontic work using clear braces will help you achieve the smile of your dreams.

How to Use Clear Braces

The patient must wear clear aligners for a minimum of 20 hours each day to be effective. You cannot eat or drink anything other than water while they are in the mouth. Besides, consuming hot things warp them, and colored foods and beverages stain them. The aligners must also be removed by the user for cleaning both the appliances and the teeth.

Careful planning and responsibility are required to maintain effective and timely treatment. This simple guide will help you to enjoy your life while still observing the strict timeline.

  • Soak your aligners during the time that you eat your meals at home. Leave them in a disinfecting cleaning solution for a more thorough cleaning. Soaking them will prevent funny smells or molds from growing on them.
  • Use a toothbrush and cold water to remove food and plaque from your aligners every day.
  • Contact a dentist at the dental office in Muskogee right away when your aligner cracks or warps. The dentist may need to prepare new ones or move to the next set in the series if they have already worked. Do not wait since the longer you stay without your aligners, the longer the treatment will take.
  • Plan a mealtime schedule that allows you to remove your aligners. the schedule must allow you to thoroughly brush your teeth before putting them back in.
  • Carry an aligner case to store your clear aligners whenever you remove them. do this to prevent damage or loss. Keep it clean and disinfect it often.

Clear Braces Benefits

The benefits of using clear aligners for straightening teeth include:

  • Maintain Your Lifestyle

Most people avoid dental treatments that will force them to change their lifestyles. With clear braces, you can continue enjoying your favorite foods and drinks. Clear aligners are not easily visible, allowing you to straighten your smile discreetly. Your social life will not be affected in any way because of fearing embarrassment.

  • Fewer Dental Visits

Due to the use of computerized technology, aligners need fewer visits to the dentist. The therapy also proceeds fast when using clear aligners since they move your teeth more precisely.

  • Discreetness In Straightening Teeth

These almost invisible teeth braces are practically unnoticeable and straighten your teeth discreetly. Not everyone will know that you are having your teeth straightened. They are easily removable and can be taken out for those special occasions like taking family pictures.

  • Straightening Teeth Comfortably

These straightening devices do not irritate your teeth or gums as metal braces do. Instead, they are comfortable and straighten teeth gradually and gently.

Benefits of Clear Aligners in Comparison to Traditional Braces

Below are some guidelines to help you decide while at the braces dentist near you.

  • Clear aligners are easily removed, allowing you to eat whatever you want. However, there are certain food restrictions that you must stick to while using traditional braces.
  • Clear aligners are almost invisible and aesthetically pleasing. They do not prevent you from carrying on with your activities confidently. Traditional braces are visible. Although they come in a color of your choice, they may make you feel self-conscious while talking or smiling in public.
  • Clear aligners have a comfortable, smooth surface that allows you to speak or smile comfortably. Traditional braces are made of wires which may irritate your tongue, lips, and cheeks as you talk or smile.
  • There are no uncomfortable adjustments while straightening your teeth with clear aligners. Adjustments required while using traditional braces may be painful. With Invisalign, there are no adjustments.
  • Teeth without any problems are not affected while using clear aligners. the appliances are designed to move each tooth individually. Traditional braces affect all teeth by moving them out of position and back again during treatment.

If you are searching for a braces dentist near you, make an appointment at the Dental Care of Muskogee. Our dentist Dr. Moiz Horani offers a variety of clear aligners suitable for both teenagers and adults.