Importance of Family Dentistry in Caring About Mother’s on Special Days

Importance of Family Dentistry in Caring About Mother’s on Special Days

May 1, 2020

Mothers are a gem in this world. Their role in society can not for one minute to be overlooked. In the course of giving to nurture, mothers often forget about themselves. They spend most of their lives focusing on other people that they forget to show themselves some love. This is why it is important to show your mother some love, at least once in a while on special days. It can be during their birthdays, on Valentine’s day, on Christmas, or any other day of your choice. Whatever day you choose, it is important to make it special in an unforgettable way. For example, have you ever thought of working on your mom’s smile? Maybe this is when you think of the importance of having a family dentist.

What is Family Dentistry?

It is an area of dentistry that focuses on catering to the oral needs of patients and their families. Ideally, a dental expert, usually a general dentist, dedicates his/her life to offering different dental services to patients. The services extend to families. This means that you can rely on that dentist to offer all dentist services to you and your family.

Even then, it is not all general dentists that cut it as family dentists. Most family dental experts have some additional training and experience with family groups. It is especially important that they have some skills in pediatric dental care, given that kids have different oral needs than do adults.

What Should You Expect From a Family Dentistry?

If it is your first time considering family dentistry, then everything may be new to you. At the dental care of Muskogee, Dr. Keith Shankle will provide you with all the relevant information you need about family dentistry. Some of the facts you need include the services offered, and the membership plans if any.

Since you are doing something nice for your mother, this should help cater to all the oral needs she has. Some of the services your mom will receive include:

  • Regular 6-month cleanings and exams –professional teeth cleaning done at least twice every year is a healthy way to keep up with your oral hygiene. Besides, the family dentist will indulge your mother in some dental exams, to ensure everything is in perfect condition.
  • Cavity checks – your mother may not have complained of a toothache, but cavities may still be a problem. Cavity checks are a great way to ensure your teeth are not rotting right under your nose. Besides, the earlier cavities are detected, the sooner dental fillings can be used to fix your teeth before it’s too late.
  • Gum disease treatment – gum disease is a major dental problem across the world. Unfortunately, the risks of gum disease increase with age. Your mother may succumb to a gum infection that could compromise the state of her teeth and mouth in general.
  • Oral cancer screening – if your mother is at risk of oral cancer, the best place to run to is to a family dentist. The good thing is that the family dentist will have a much easier time figuring the prognosis out, given that that has a thorough medical background.
  • Early detection – much as your mother has done a great job in keeping up with her dental health, you may never be too sure, until medical expertise is involved. A family dental expert is best placed at detecting dental problems in their early stages before the damage has been done.
  • Emergency dental care – there will be many days you are not close by to help your mother when she needs help. On such days, a dental emergency can creep up. The best person to turn to during such times is a family dentist. The best part is that the dental emergency can quickly be mitigated before permanent damage is caused.


The good thing about family dentistry is that they got you covered all the way. This means that once you hook your mother up with a family dentist, other family members will also benefit from the services. Besides, they also have a dental expert they can rely on at all times.