Is Toothpaste Poison for Kids?

Is Toothpaste Poison for Kids?

February 1, 2019

Have you ever read a toothpaste label? Some labels say that you need to keep the toothpaste away from children under the age of 6 as if the toothpaste gets accidentally swallowed, you should immediately seek medical help. This may be outright scary and seem like the label on some cleaning chemicals. But the pertinent question is if the toothpastes are really that harmful?

Few years back, studies found that the toothpaste manufacturers failed to follow the safety guidelines. It is true that poison control centre receive many distress calls where children eat toothpaste, it can be risky only when one eats a whole lot of toothpaste and that is not practically possible. Usually, kids happen to swallow a small amount of toothpaste which is safe and it doesn’t cause intestinal blockage or stomach pain, says Dentist in Muskogee.

Role of Fluoride in Teeth Growth

According to Dentist near Muskogee OK, many types of toothpaste come with fluoride which is healthy for teeth when received in smaller amounts, it has been observed that too much fluoride can disrupt the growth and formation of adult teeth later in life. Thus, there is a reason we spit out the toothpaste while brushing. But kids can’t differentiate between right and wrong and there is possibility of them swallowing toothpaste once in a while, if not daily. No one encourages them to have toothpaste, neither you should ignore it; the truth is if they ingest the paste in small quantity, it won’t harm their health. Also, you can guide your kids and at least try to explain them that toothpastes are meant to be spit and not swallowed, says Dentist in 74403.

Buy Children’s Toothpaste

You can also buy a special children’s toothpaste which is low in fluoride as it won’t cause issues even if swallowed. There are toothpastes in market for children which can be outright swallowed as babies are too young to spit.

Appropriate Use

It is advised for parents to put just the right amount of paste on the brush to discourage kids from ingesting them. Also, keeping toothpaste away from reach of children is ideal.