What Causes Receding Gums? (And How to Fix It)

What Causes Receding Gums? (And How to Fix It)

January 16, 2019

Receding gums refers to gum tissue which has begun to pull away from the structure of the tooth thereby exposing more of tooth and its root. Do you know what is the reason for gum recession and is it an alarming situation?

According to Dentist in Muskogee OK, if receding gums are not treated, it can make bone tissues and tooth root vulnerable which can lead to nerve damage, losing the tooth or a severe infection.

Causes of Receding Gums:

  • Periodontal disease is one of the common reasons for receding gums. It’s the advanced stage of gum disease which impacts the healthy gum and bone tissues.
  • The Dentist in Muskogee says that, lack of proper hygiene also leads to increase in bacteria and buildup of plaque which destroys your gums.
  • If you brush your teeth too much or too hard it can also be a reason for receding gums as published in a study.
  • Hormonal changes in women can also lead to gum recession. These changes occur during puberty, menopause, pregnancy, or use of birth control hormones.
  • Certain medical conditions can inflame the gums or make them vulnerable to gum diseases.
  • Grinding teeth or a misaligned bite can also be a cause of gum recession.

Symptoms of Gum Recession:

  • Swollen gums
  • Pain and discomfort
  • Gums which are pulling away
  • Lose teeth
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Reddish or bleeding gums

How to Fix Receding Gums?

  • You need to maintain oral hygiene by brushing and flossing your teeth twice a day.
  • You must avoid bad habits which can be detrimental to your oral health.
  • The Dentist near you in Muskogee says that, it’s imperative to schedule dental visits every few months for dental cleaning and examination of any underlying dental issues.

If you experience any of the above mentioned symptoms, you need to visit a dentist near you who can suggest ways of preventing gingival recession. The dentist may prescribe antibiotics and deep clean to get rid of the infection.