What to Expect When Getting a Bone Graft

What to Expect When Getting a Bone Graft

July 16, 2019

There available many different dental procedures, among which Bone graft technique is important. These are procedures provided for specific purposes and thus it is important to know about it in detail. When you expect to obtain better results with grafting you must consult an expert dentist in Muskogee.

Bone grafting

Very few, who choose bone grafting as a solution for their dental conditions actually know about this procedure in deep. To obtain better results from this oral procedure, one must know what it involves.

What exactly is bone grafting?

When restoration of facial contouring is needed, bone grafting can actually help. It is an advanced dental and oral procedure that can replace and regenerate the lost bone of jaw and face. This can go perfect with dental implant. Sometimes the condition is severe such that jaw also starts to deteriorate, in such cases when deterioration is at bone structure; dentist at Muskogee OK suggests opting for a bone graft.

What to expect when getting a bone graft?

Graft is widely used technique to effectively repair the jaw. In this technique, a bone from another part of patient’s body is taken to place on the jawbone. Dentist at 74403 may obtain bone from the jawbone for grafting and if there is no subsequent amount of bone present in jaw, it can be obtained from other portion of the body. Finally, it is transplanted into the jaw to eliminate the issue.

Being patient

One of the essential elements in this technique is patience. This transplantation requires time for healing and recuperation. A patient needs to have the patience for a few months so that transplanted bone gets enough time to regenerate new bone.

Post bone graft

The recovery can be uncomfortable and time-consuming but the results can be effective if proper care is taken.

Reach out to our office

In many cases, grafting can be a suitable option for better solutions. You may consult dentist near you to know if it can work for you.