Mouth Guards & Night Guards

Mouth Guards & Night Guards

Have you woken up recently with a headache, tight jaw or a toothache? You may be suffering from bruxism and/or TMJ. Bruxism is the condition of grinding the teeth together while clenching your jaw. It can be caused by, but also be a side effect of, TMJ. TMJ, or Temporomandibular joint dysfunction, is an ailment that targets the hinge-like jaw of the mouth. It can lead to the clicking of the jaw and pronounced pain.

Night Guards

There are many factors that can go into the cause of bruxism and TMJ, but there is a very simple method for halting the damage they cause. A night guard is extremely effective in the way it cushions the pressure of biting and grinding while holding the jaw in a healthy position. A custom-made night guard is even more advantageous in the way it fits like a glove and absorbs more of the pressure and stress.

Sports Guards

For those that play sports, a mouth guard should be required. They’re called accidents for a reason; you cannot predict when a ball or elbow will hit you at the exact angle to cause trauma to the mouth. A mouth guard greatly decreases your chance of getting hurt and needing dental work. A custom mouth guard made by your dentist has an even more increased chance of protecting you due to the precise fit. The lack of space allows the mouth guard to be more efficient and not let force or trauma affect the mouth.

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